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Past Events

- 2017 Events -

Happy Hour For A Cause

November 10, 2017


Many thanks to all who attended our annual Happy Hour For A Cause!  Congratulations are in order for WHA supporters, sponsors, volunteers and friends for reaching the goal of providing dental care for 300 patients (a total of $10,000 raised)! 


Our end-of-week Happy Hour at SeaPearl Restaurant was great fun and included a chance to share WHA updates and upcoming projects. We heard first-hand stories of previous Medical & Dental Missions from Dr. Do, Dr. See-Won, Dr. Nicole Rivera, Dr. Thang Phan and Dr. Quynh Anh Nguyen. We closed the night out with a celebratory cake as a send-off for our Dental Team of 8 who spent the following week on a WHA Dental  Mission to Vietnam. Your support made it possible for us to serve many who needed this care and we are grateful to you!


USC Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit

August 9-10, 2018




WHA represented issues around global healthcare at the 2017 University of Southern California's 5th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit, presented by the USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management. 


WHA was selected for this year's speakers panel to address challenges around the global healthcare supply chain, and in recognition of its operating model and ability to run international medical relief operations efficiently. Presenters at the event this year included senior managers of Oracle, IBM, FedEx, and the World Health Organization. Other global healthcare panelists included representatives from Chemonics Pharmaceuticals and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as Johnson & Johnson. Overall, the Summit was an exciting networking experience with an innovative approach to business development for today and tomorrow. Many thanks to our hosts for the invitation to participate this year!


Deloitte IMPACT Day

June 9, 2017


June 9th marked an incredible opportunity for WHA, when we were invited to participate in Deloitte IMPACT Day 2017. IMPACT Day is Deloitte International's annual volunteer day to give back to communities across the US.  


WHA is grateful to have been chosen to spend the day with about 30 professional team members from Deloitte International. These individuals, whose expertise included strategic planning, IT, marketing, branding and database management, worked intensely for about 6 hours analyzing World Health Ambassador's organizational and administrative functions. At the end of the day, the Deloitte volunteers made recommendations that WHA will utilize to improve its daily operations and, in the near future, expand the organization. The Deloitte strategic team found that WHA has a sound operational model on which to grow into its full potential, including a solid and successful 12-year track record of conducting medical missions internationally and in the US. As an organization, we've gained an even greater respect for Deloitte as a company.

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