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2017 Vietnam Survey and Diplomacy Mission Web Blog

Journey & Arrival

Days 1 & 2 - March 26 & 27, 2017

After a long day and night of travel, we have arrived in Vietnam for our Survey Mission. We will meet members of our WHA-Vietnam Team here to visit potential service sites for a planned future Medical and Dental Mission. We are glad to be back and to prepare to best serve in whatever ways we can. Thank you for your continued support in making this opportunity possible for us and for those we can help.

First Meetings

Day 3 - March 28, 2017

This morning we began a busy day with an informative visit with PACOM, followed by a brief ice cream break and a visit to the military museum. This afternoon the WHA Team was honored to meet the Director of the Vietnam Ministry of Health and a number of its deputies. We will get as much sleep as possible as tomorrow starts with a very early flight to Danang!


Day 4 - March 29, 2017

By 4:30am the Team was on its way to the airport for the flight to Danang. Our first meetings of the day were with the Danang Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs. We are honored to have met with them and are grateful for their hospitality.

After our visits at the MOH, the Team traveled to the Danang Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital where we met with members of the administration and staff. The day ended with a sumptuous seafood dinner including special dishes of Danang. We are grateful to have been the guests with the hospital staff and the Dean and faculty members of the Dong A University. Dong A has a robust nursing education program with over 1,000 nursing students each year.


Tonight we rest in Danang!

HCMC University Medical Center

Day 5 - March 30, 2017

The Team visited the HCMC University Medical Center today. We were greeted by the University hospital's International Relations staff, the Vice Deputy of the Dental Radiology Department, and the Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Nursing Director to discuss a potential collaboration in working to help the people of Tay Ninh.


Many thanks to all for your kind hospitality!

Well Wishes

Day 6 - March 31, 2017

An unexpected event occurred early this morning aroung 2:00am. A government official accompanying our team, who is also the liaison between the VN Ministry of Health and the Tay Ninh Ministry of Health, became severly ill and required hospitalization. His condition is critical. This unexpected event lead to the postponement of our trip to Tay Ninh. Our team wishes the official a speedy recovery!

Day 7 - April 1, 2017

The WHA Vietnam Chapter welcomed their USA Team members with a reception in Ho Chi Minh City. The US Chapter provided an overview of the behind-the-scenes operations of past missions and members highlighted their experiences with WHA.

Speeches were given by Dr. Doanh, Dr. Thang, Dr. Hoa and Dr. Thien. The reunion gave the team members an opportunity to visit and to expand the Vietnam chapter membership. The event was fully attended, and judging from the feedback, it was a complete success!

We are grateful to all who share our goal of helping those in need of medical care and appreciate your continued support of WHA!

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