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There are many ways to become Part of the WHA Team:

  • Join Us on a Mission as a medical or dental volunteer;

  • Join Us through Mission Support with your diplomacy and logistics expertise; 

  • Join Us at a fundraising event;

  • Join Us through financial support of a Mission;

  • Join Us by donating needed equipment or supplies;

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Use our Contact Form to send a quick note, Donate as you are inspired to do so, and use our Volunteer Form to let us know, in-depth, the ways in which you are interested in becoming part of the WHA Team.  

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Medical Relief Missions


Our Medical and Dental volunteers often say that their Mission experiences were the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their lives. To go outside of your regular day-to-day and offer help to patients who truly need your training, expertise and compassion is an amazing thing.  And our team has fun doing just that!  We support one another on this journey with hard work, dedication and by having each others' backs.  We would be honored to have you join us!


WHA is dedicated to serving the needs of the poorest among us by providing medical, dental and relief services to those around the world who do not have access to appropriate care.  Our program relies on volunteer medical professionals to provide these services, who give generously of their time, talents and resources to help us serve those communities and individuals who need the care we can offer.

Please let us know how you would like to be of service.  The following is a brief outline of our core components, and how individuals become involved with World Health Ambassador.  More specifics are outlined in our Volunteer Form.

WHA’s program consists of several Core Components, including:

1) Health Advisory Team which analyzes the medical needs of underserved overseas communities and formulates

a healthcare plan;  

2) International Medical Relief Group which performs overseas medical and dental missions as well as medical and dental teaching at healthcare institutions in the host country;

3) Emergency Relief Team which assists with natural disaster relief efforts; and

4) Medical Support Team which handles logistics for the other components.


Suffering is less when we are there to help...

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