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Philosophy & Approach

WHA Philosophy

Whether in the United States or halfway around the world, WHA is dedicated to serving the needs

of the poorest among us by providing in-depth medical and dental relief services, at no cost to the patient, without regard to ethnicity, political orientation or religion.


WHA Approach


World Health Ambassador Mission Teams are comprised of medical practitioners and specialists, general dentists and dental specialists, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and support staff. WHA offers care in many settings, including regional medical centers, provincial hospitals and village clinics. WHA partners with local health care resources to ensure continuity and sustainability of care, as well as to control follow-up costs for patients.  WHA also seeks to work with other non-profit organizations in the United States and abroad by offering its expertise and to strengthen its own capabilities.


To ensure durable and lasting benefits, WHA is committed to building the capability of local health care providers and the capacity of local health care services.  To this end, WHA mission teams:

(a) work side-by-side with local health care providers to actively share medical knowledge and teach new techniques;

(b) conduct medical and dental lectures at local medical schools and schools of health sciences; 

(c) donate medical equipment to local health care institutions and train local medical staff to use the equipment.

Our integrated approach helps ensure maximum benefits and sustainability of health care delivery to the targeted population. 

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